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Whenever you read about the Silhouette eyewear terms like ‘less’, ‘light’ and minimalist is going to be there, one way or the other. After all, the brand professes minimalism without any exception and excels in technological advancements that enable it to keep coming with minimalist designs and products. The Silhouette eyewear is revolutionary in more than one ways. It has changed the trends in eyewear by introducing minimalism and then there has been no looking back. Today, the brand has many stories to share and they include Silhouette eyewear being part of NASA campaigns, Silhouette eyewear touring with Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and a long list of celebrities and big names wearing it.

Silhouette - Exotic Eyewear Optical


Even remaining minimalist, this Austrian iconic brand has paid a lot of attention to materials and surface finishes during its history of more than half a century. It may seem a bit strange that using less is what the brand is all about so why it still keeps innovating in newer technologies. The idea is that Silhouette understands well that less doesn’t mean less in quality. Less should be actually more in quality. This leads to innovation. Innovation leads to rimless, screwless, hingeless and virtually weightless products on one end and remarkably well finished products on the other.

We are authorized dealer of Silhouette eyeglasses & sunglasses in Fort Lauderdale.

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