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Classic thoughts imbued in glasses

Every brand has a philosophy but few brands take it to the level that every collection is based on a philosophy and/or a persona. When you look at Seraphin’s collections which are branded as “Lincoln”, “Sherwood”, “McArthur” and others, rest assured you are not looking at some new frames collection. You are seeing some classic thoughts imbued in glasses.

We are authorized dealer of Seraphin eyeglasses and sunglasses in Fort Lauderdale.

Seraphin - Exotic Eyewear Optical

Finesse of Neoclassical Designs

Using quality materials, laser engravings, handpolishing, classic appeals are some of the characteristics of this brand. Seraphin has branded its collections but has described them in its own ways. It keeps a certain association to every line and even if it may seem a tad too simple or customary, you should look carefully. The subtle design elements and finesse of neoclassical designs soon gets you and you start appreciating the design and style marvel of Seraphin. What else you can expect from a brand that makes it a point to list a small emblem in some of its frame “fleur-de-lis” as a key feature among others.

Here’s a partial description of one of the collection that brand has used to carve its own mark: “Dropdown temples draw your eye to the smooth matte finish and subtle recessed diamond accent on each temple. Complete with adjustable nose pads and the iconic fleur-de-lis emblem, the Dawson is the epitome of masculine style.”

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