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Iconic Shapes

Eyewear collections by all brands have a special shape, Aviator or pilot. As the name suggests this shape has its genesis in aviation industry. This iconic shape comes from 1930s when Bousch & Lamb, an American medical equipment company created speicla glasses for US pilots to safeguard them from sun during flights. This concept was later fashioned into a special kind of eyewear known today as Aviator and is marketed by the brand Ray-Ban. Since its innovative inceptions, the brand has come a long way in developing a complete line of eyewear which obviously includes iconic glasses and treads into fashionable product lines which are a class of their own.

Ray-Ban - Exotic Eyewear Optical

Experimenting with Colors

It is noteworthy that having a hold on the original aviator, Ray-Ban has carried on with its traditional products in its lineup which have now taken status of iconic masterpieces and are marketed as such. This doesn’t mean that the brand is not contemporary. Amid all this, it remains modernistic, keeps experimenting with colors, materials, designs to create fashionable eyewear all of which share its famous brand logo.

Ray-Bans lineup is almost a must for any modern-day outlet and we surely are not oblivious of this requirement and share with you authentic Ray-Ban eyewear. After all, the brand is not only iconic, it is a trend-setter and a benchmark on which customers like to weigh other options particularly in the Aviator shapes. Visit us, a authorized dealer of Ray-Ban sunglasses and eyeglasses in Fort Lauderdale.

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