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Elegance of Prada

This Italian brand is among the top fashion houses in the world and is eulogized in many ways as a cultural icon. There are few brands that can come at par with the elegance of Prada – an icon which is inspiration for fashion in all key arenas. The sophistication of Prada is manifested in its eyewear very strongly. When you choose Prada for styling your eyes, it is not a stylish brand you have chosen. It is widely known that you are now ‘wearing Prada’ or you are having the ‘Prada look’.

Prada - Exotic Eyewear Optical

Baroque Minimal

Prada keeps coming up with designs which are unique on one end and trend-setter in true sense of the word on the other. Prada’s current lines of sunglasses and optical include classic, fashion, baroque minimal, and even dedications to names like McNamara. With such kind of line up and the legacy to live up to, the brand constantly engages in designs which have tinges of vintage and a modern look.

We are authorized dealer of Prada sunglasses & eyeglasses in Fort Lauderdale.

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