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Engineered to Perfection

Of course, Porsche is best at what at it does, making great cars. But it has been a while that the brand has been leveraged into lifestyle products. Sunglasses by Porsche Design are engineered to perfection. Actually, this is how Porsche puts it, engineered not designed to perfection. Porsche Design is the company which is taking the legacy of Porsche automobiles and their design philosophy to lifestyle products. It started differently but later is enjoined with the automobile company. Long story short, you will find the ‘Porsche’ touch in these products despite that they have been technically a different company in the past.

Porsche Design - Exotic Eyewear Optical

Four Dimensional Philosophy

The Porsche Design eyewear follows the four dimensional philosophy of Passion, Performance, Purism, Precision. The brand has no reluctance in declaring that it is more fundamental than decorative and is following purism. Passion and performance are vividly seen in the high quality, top-grade finishes and best material usage. After all, this all has been the legacy of Porsche brand and it had to reflect in everything bearing the logo of Porsche brand. At the same time, you should not be mistaken that you are in for some straightforward and basic level stuff. The product line amid its different approach remains very stylish and very much liked even in comparison with luxurious brands of all types. How much different, well lets just see this, the designers (or engineers) at Porsche Design make use of Physiognomy as well as optics when they are creating their next masterpiece!

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