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Light Yet Durable Frames

Customers in the United States got access to this German brand as late as 2011 but it has a richer history in European and other markets. The brand takes a lot of care in developing the products using advanced engineering and manufacturing processes. The brand has successfully produced extremely light yet durable frames to ensure it brings wearing comfort to the users while remaining functional and long-lasting.

Ovvo has a lot to tell about its engineering and technology side, but this doesn’t mean that this is all the brand is. Its collections in different materials represented by ranges like Classic, Avant-grade, Nylon and Wood & Carbon fiber are aesthetically pleasing products both in optical and sunglasses categories.

Ovvo - Exotic Eyewear Optical

Space Technology

Use of different material leaves its impact on the outlook of the brand and with modernistic designs. Today, the brand is being designed and produced at Ovvo’s facilities in Europe which remain family-owned. This closeness ensures that brand’s heritage and signature remains protected.

Historically, Ovvo has its genesis in times when some scientists developed some top quality materials for space technology. In their entrepreneurial venture, they followed the same spirit and leveraged the technological superiority to making of frames. Today, the complete manufacturing is a mix of manual and automated procedures which can take around 65-85 steps for each product to be produced. Ovvo best captures its design and production philosophy perhaps in this statement: “The end product is a flawless piece of art, sophisticated, comfortable, durable and flexible”

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