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Vintage Style Frames

The journey of this luxury eyewear brand started in 1986 from first boutique opened at nowhere else but Hollywood’s iconic Sunset Boulevard. The brand grew quickly and created a space for itself in eyewear world by its retro styles, subtle detailing and use of high-quality materials. It is a worth-mentioning part of brand’s genesis that the initial offerings by the brand consisted of a humongous collection of unworn, American-made vintage frames. These frames were actually bought by the founder of the company, who had an eye for the delicacy in finishes in these pieces which he was able to buy in bulk.

This exciting start was a powerful one because since then there has been no looking back. Oliver Peoples continue to have vintage-inspired designs which the company proudly produces in deliberate digression from futuristic style. Nonetheless, the products by Oliver Peoples remain stylish and well-sought by celebrities and customers with a sense for high-end fashion.

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Association with Hollywood

The brand has strong association with Hollywood not only on account of having its first outlets opened there but also by celebrity endorsements and by several of its products carefully enthused by Hollywood classical movies and stars. Finding a ‘Gregory Peck’ in one of the collections and having occasional sightings of celebrities donning stylish Oliver Peoples is all common happening at this brand.

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