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Minimalistic eyewear having small frames and refined shapes was the signature in the first collection by OGI’s founder David Spencer. The year was 1997 and it was a mundane location in an exhibition, where the brand took off. Since then, there has been no looking back. What started as an endeavor in response to fill gap in the market for simple, contemporary yet elegant and high-quality designs in eyewear has proven to be a successful designer brand. OGI’s design philosophy is simple – everyone needs something and new and new releases should be an attempt to fulfill those needs.

OGI - Exotic Eyewear Optical

Affordable for many

A peculiar positioning element of brand’s eyewear is its purposed pricing which makes the luxury designer eyewear affordable for many. Quality, stylistic attitude and a contemporary look and feel are not compromised regardless of low price points. The brand has separate lines for eyeglasses, sunglasses as well as for kids’ glasses. To have a dedicated line for kids is making sure that giving everyone what they need doesn’t remain a cursory statement. A collection by OGI was dubbed as LOVE collection by brand’s marketers. For them LOVE has a different connotation – Living Ogi’s Vision Everyday. Such passion for the products keeps the brand on the go year in, year out as it releases new products.

OGI eyewear collection is among the modern and minimalist collection at Exotic eyewear optical. It is noteworthy that according to brand’s official claims, OGI’s collections are displayed at selected retailers around the world. We, at Exotic eyewear optical feel excited to be one such retailer.

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