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Combining Art with Excellence

Maui Jim positions itself not as an eyewear brand but an art brand. Yes, you read it right. When the brand describes itself like: “Something exquisite happens when you combine art with excellence”, you do expect some artistic hues in its products. But it is not some artistic hues that Maui Jim creates, it is all art – in fact it is expressive artwork that describes the products more clearly. Vivid and warm colors in frames with specially manufactured lenses; Maui Jim manufactures its artwork in a proper manufacturing facility and still manages to give individualistic touch.

Maui Jim - Exotic Eyewear Optical

Extra Protection from UV

Another achievement by the brand is on the converse end of its artistic touch. Maui Jim holds several patents for lenses that it has engineered Polarized Plus™ for extra protection from UV and giving a better view. The brand remains strongly associated with its Maui roots and its expressions are found explicitly in products as well as marketing communications. Sunglasses are profoundly manufactured and marketed by Maui Jim but the brand also has several lines of prescription glasses like MauiPassport™, MauiReaders™ and MauiHT™ etc.

At Exotic Eyewear Optical in Fort Lauderdale, we are authorized dealer of Maui Jim sunglasses & eyeglasses.

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