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Retro-Inspired Design

Awarded for getting high ratings from opticians for using high-quality materials, Lunor is a well-trusted brand. Materials use is not the only classy thing about this band. Its retro-inspired design philosophy comes to reality with a sophisticatedly detailed manufacturing process. Few of products with titanium frames are made in Japan but rest every other product is goes through skilled hands of well-trained craftsman in southern Germany. Some products even get manufactured after some 200 steps.

This fineness in manufacturing is preceded by artistic manual drawings. All of these details of manufacturing of Lunor products should prove to you that this brand is nothing ordinary and is very deliberate in its products designing and manufacturing.

Lunor - Exotic Eyewear Optical

Lunor Walk of Fame

The brand is endorsed by a long list of celebrities like Elton John, Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey and they are all part of ‘Lunor walk of fame’. The uniqueness in designs comes from the fact that they are improvisations of designs which originally date back to 19th or even 18th century. These inspirations are not limited to frames only, as some truly magnificent cases are also part of Lunor product lineup.

With such elegant backdrop, Lunor is bound to be different. Its unique lineup including sunglasses is part of our offerings at Exotic eyewear optical and we invite you to experience the distinctive fusion this brand has created.

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