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Innate Sense of Pride

Among several ways to express exceptional uniqueness of Dita eyewear™, ‘rejecting the robots’ seems intriguing. But if we are talking of a brand which has decided to stay in factories considered as oldest in optical frame making, this all seems to be a well-thought. In these factories, skilled craftsmen leave nothing to chance as they handcraft Dita eyewear collection. Dita considers the dexterity of its workers analogous to much-acclaimed intricacy of watchmaking.

So it is unsurprising that with modern times, when robotic equipment is being used elsewhere for making eyeframes, Dita rejected the robots with an innate sense of pride in its hand-crafted work.

Dita - Exotic Eyewear Optical

Passion & Pride

Passion and pride in handcrafted products gives Dita eyewear™ a unique place among eyewear brands that are increasingly relying on machinery and artificial manufacturing techniques. You cannot simply compare the work genuinely produced by workers using techniques practiced centuries ago. For instance, tumbling of acetate is not left to machines rather is being done slowly and calmly on bamboo as per the heritage of eyewear making. Heritage is something that Dita has decided to stick to and heritage is something that you will find in its eyewear collection.

We are authorized dealer of Dita eyewear in Fort Lauderdale. The care and passion that Dita workers have for their products is shared by us at Exotic eyewear optical as we bring this brand to you.

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