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Sense of Pride

Chanel is a legacy of Coco Chanel, and is one of most respected fashion houses from Paris, France. Being an elite fashion house in the fashion capital of the world has its demands and Chanel continues to enjoy a distinctive place in the competitive, sprawling fashion industry in Paris and around the world. Chanel eyewear, a part of accessory lineup radiates the brand signature with a certain sense of pride. The brand’s world-famous logo of two interlocked Cs positioned on optical glasses and sunglasses’ temples is a statement in its own. While new eyewear is trendy, almost all the collections have certain classical aura, which is archetypal in all legacy brands.

Chanel - Exotic Eyewear Optical

Attention to Detail

As an example of its attention to detail, one of the sunglasses from the famed ‘Quilted’ collection is depicted by Chanel on its website as: “Rectangular acetate sunglasses with quilted lambskin detail on the temples and CC signature”. Even within the brevity of depiction for this masterpiece, a touch of class and an unmistakable attention to detail can be felt. Chanel has a signature collection in both optical and sunglasses lines which has a characteristic frame shape.

We are authorized dealer of Chanel and it is part of our high end product range at Exotic Eyewear Optical in Fort Lauderdale. Visit us to get a feel of elegant craftsmanship of Chanel eyewear.

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