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Alain Mikli, the eyewear designer behind the Mikli brands, conceived it years ago that he needed to replace the boring eyewear with jewelry for eyes. His brands including Mikli by Mikli are trendsetter and keep coming up with scores of new designs every year. With the passion that this designer eyewear gets produced and the philosophy that it follows, it is no surprise that top celebrities have endorsed Mikli. From Bono to Samuel L Jackson and from Kanye West to Uma Thurman, Mikli has been a choice of A-list celebrities.

Alain Mikli - Exotic Eyewear Optical

Alain Mikli

Every Mikli piece is result of painstaking designing process and meticulous craftsmanship. Hand polishing and detailing to the finest extents possible is all part of transforming designs to top quality products. Alain Mikli has documented the intricate art of creating his high-end designer eyewear to showcase what goes behind the scene in pieces that customers admire without exception. Unlike many modernistic brands, Mikli has remained traditional even in manufacturing but has maintained quality levels that can easily surpass any machine-manufactured, mass-produced brands.

Eyeglasses and sunglasses by Mikli come in different shapes and while conventional shapes are found in the designer’s new releases, they certainly stand out because of design ingenuity. This tasteful designer eyewear brand is part of our exquisite collection at Exotic eyewear optical which is for our customers having an innate sense of style.

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